Hi there!


My name is Alyssa (but I go by Ali) and I'm a wedding photographer based in south Louisiana. I graduated with a degree in International Studies from Louisiana State University in 2016. My career plan was to "travel the world" - if that can be considered a job. But life has a funny way of mixing up your plans. While my dreams to see the world are still ever present, these two goofballs here are my new reason for being. 


My goal as a photographer:

The ability to capture real emotions in a photo is what made me fall in love with photographing people. And one of the biggest things I've learned about photographing people is that you have to be able to make them feel comfortable, even if it makes you uncomfortable. I'm one of the biggest introverts you'll ever meet, but you'll never know because from day one, I'm going to become your best friend. Why? Because you're relaxed and comfortable around friends. And in order to capture your true personality, I need you to be comfortable around me. That's when I'm able to do what I do best - coax out your inner goof or romantic. 

My shooting style:

I'm very much a documentary shooter. I love to be on the outside, observing and shooting real moments. And that really is my approach when it comes to weddings. I'm not going to force moments or spend all day posing you for the perfect shot. I'm going to let you enjoy your day and I'm simply going to be there documenting it all for you.

When it comes to portraits, my shooting is a little more structured. My ultimate goal is still to capture real emotion, but for portraits, I'll give you prompts to bring out those emotions. For instance, I may ask your fiancé to whisper something funny in your ear or I may ask your kids to run up from behind you and give you a big ole hug. Don't worry, though! I always make sure to get the classic, smiling at the camera shots too. 

 My editing style:

I try to maintain a classic, timeless style with my editing. I want you to be able to cherish and show off these photos for years without growing tired of an out-dated editing style or an over-edited photo. My goal is simply to enhance what my camera captures, not change it.